Book your delivery.

To book a delivery please ensure you download and fill out the 'Booking Request Form' and email it to to obtain your Booking Reference Number and delivery window. Deliveries attempted without a valid booking reference number may be rejected.
Click here to download the Booking Request Form

The Consortium Clemenger Receiving Guidelines

  1. A Booking Reference Number is required for all deliveries to The Consortium Clemenger.
  2. Each inwards delivery must be accompanied by a manifest / delivery docket which clearly details whom the products belong to, product codes, product descriptions and quantities being delivered.
    • Sender / suppliers details
    • The TCC client name
    • TCC client's purchase order number
    • Suppliers product code
    • TCC clients product code
    • Product description
    • Total quantity ordered
    • Total quantity supplied
  3. All pallets must be of a reasonable strength and quality to carry the assigned load. Non-conforming pallets may not be unloaded from the delivery vehicle or the driver will be required to restack onto a suitable pallet at the suppliers cost.
  4. The Consortium Clemenger will only accept an authorised Pallet Transfer Advice (PTA). No pallets will be exchanged with delivery drivers on delivery.
  5. All goods are accepted subject to check / inspection.
  6. All delivery drivers MUST wear steel cap boots and high visibility vest / shirt. Drivers not complying will not be unloaded.


If you want a partner who cares for your customers as much as you do, then I strongly suggest you talk to The Consortium Clemenger

Michael Ephraim
Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia